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I had some issues with the proportions when I started... I made… - CRITIQUE MY ART!!!

Jan. 1st, 2005

12:27 am

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Date:January 26th, 2005 02:11 am (UTC)
It’s a little passive; try adding more mediums. The pencil that your left hand is clutching seems somewhat unnecessary to the subject matter – it’s a misnomer that you’re an artist: why get so telly? Your sense of composition, in this piece, is impressive -- as well as your choice of palette. Are you influenced by Egon Shiele at all?
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Date:January 26th, 2005 04:52 am (UTC)
Thank you for the criticism. I'm not any good at mixing mediums. I do plan on combining different techniques in the future. The passive nature was intended somewhat because of the mood I wanted in the piece. I'm have a very laid back, serene personality, and I lack that in-your-face quality. I appreciate your comments about composition and color. I've been working on composition for a long time and I believe color has always been one of my strong points. I do particularly like the way the figure creates such a strong focal point in the negative space. Thank you for the comments.
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